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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yesterday in the morning, I had to sit for an exam paper, computer studies. Its was OK but during the last 30 minutes, I was seriously having a war against time for real. The feeling of panic, nervous and worried were really surrounding me at that time. Why? Well that was because on friday, I was so focus on memorising all the theory part of the subject that I neglect the calculation and the coding part. Thanks to that I got brain-block for about a few minutes which felt like hours to me. It was very terrible but still I manage to dig up the methods of solving it during the last 15 minutes and thanks to that, it save my day. I have won the battle against time. Yeah! XD

Anyway, most of my friends and I went to gurney for lunch. All of them decided to have it at the food court except shirlyn and I. So we headed for Wongkok instead. XD The meal that each of us ordered was different. Shirlyn ordered Hong Kong style pork chop meal (something like that, the name was long) and I ordered the same set but its chicken instead. After that, we took our own sweet time to enjoy our lunch while chit-chating until Catherine came over and was like "Wah. you 2 still havent finish? They(the rest of my friends) are waiting for the both of you nia you know." At that time, luckily we have already finish our meal and was on the way to finish our drink. XD

However, Cat, Shir and yoyo decided to went back to college to study so they left after eating. With only a few of us left, we began to ronda around the plaza and talking about all sorts of stuff aka crap. Then at around 1pm or so, Ck, san and kok hong decided to go back which left only Ting Hoay, Wei Quan and I. The numbers were getting smaller and smaller. Anyway, after awhile, we watched The Love Guru in the cinema and damn the ticket price was worth paying for cause the movie was seriously hilarious. Ting Hoay and I was like laughing ourselves out everynow and then. That movie really did a good job in brightening up my mood. It was seriously nice man.. no doubt. XD but it contains lots of erm... adult type of jokes that made the movie funny but rated 18-PL (with the addition of religion issue). But it was a very nice movie to watch.. I mean if you just take the whole movie as just for laughs and be more open minded about it, I dont think there will be any problems about the movie. Atleast not as bad as how The Stars comment about it. They are being sarcastic. Seriously. Cause they did also comment about Death Note2 once and they comment it like shit saying that it was so horrible and lausy and stuff like that. Well, I'll tell you what... dont trust their judgement. They suck eventhough they did apologise about the Death Note thing. Anyway, yesterday was seriously fun!!! XD

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