Thursday, July 3, 2008

dont mind if i spell it wrongly... dont know why but today i feel kind of bored with frenster and blogspot. i dont know why though... haiz... nowadays is always busy with assignments.. one coming after another... dont even have time to study until today. Since some of the assignments have been cleared off, i felt much relieve and feel like can take a slow deep breath and slow down my speed for awhile. If not kept doing everything in a rush only like as if there is no time for me to break at all. The worst part was yesterday, i was so panicked when i couldn't find my SPM result slip because the college wants to certify the slip again by nex thursday. I was so scared and down after I have search the whole room but still failed to find it. At that time i was like if i got kick out from TAR, where am i suppose to go and further my studies now? All the hard work and efford that I have put into my studies and assignments during these few weeks will ended up nothing... The more i think about it, I felt more down and sad. I wanted to cry but my tears forbid me to do so. Haiz. last night was terrible... However, in the end i manage to find it... and guess where it was... it was at my mum's cupboard stuck together with a few more pieces of paper... I was like... So here was where it was kept... I really sighed with relieve and all my worries were gone the moment i saw that paper... *sigh* nex time have to keep my imp stuff in the proper places where i can rmb and not like this... thank god i found it or else i dont think i'll have mood to do anything at all.... *relieve*

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