Monday, June 30, 2008

My eyes are sored... my head is spinning but my fingers are still onthe move typing this blog out... i dont know why am i always this tired... although i have slept early last night... i still feel like my eyes wanted me to close em... sad sad... but i cant close my eyes now... i still got assignments to do... books to read... questions to answer... *sigh* but i got the bloody cheek to blog... *smack head* sometimes i really dont understand me... my time management really suck to the max ar... seriously man... b ut it cant be helped... temptation is too great to resist... lols... i mean like... with my line at home down and also i hardly get to on9... i couldnt help but to on9 and browse around for awhile... how long is my awhile? erm... long enough to be not consider as awhile... sounds confusing? ur prob... XP ok ok.... maybe i'll take a few minutes of sleep b4 doing my work... will keep this blog short then.. ^^

Bad day

Here I am... Preparing my presentation using Wen Han's laptop.. Feeling kind of down... Haiz... If it wasn't for what had happen last night.... Maybe my mood would not have been this bad... maybe it'll be better... Its been like this every time I mention about them to him. I really dont understand... That day he was upset cos I went out with them to gurney instead of studying.... Then yesterday I went for a group study with oni 2 of em and yet he doesnt like it.... When I tried explaining about the toughness of my course, he refuse to listen. Kept telling me that he knows when he doesnt even know a thing on what i tried to tell him. The subjects I take, some of em made me confuse which make me need help from my frens to solve it. Bsids that, having this group study really motivate me to work hard and to actually study instead of lazing around at home. But did he understand? No... Did he even bother to listen what I felt about this? No. He thinks that he know everything but sadly its the opposite. =( He kept complaining that I'm the only girl there... What can i do about this when my other female classmates live at places that are like far from mine... its like one is at north, south, east and west... So how u expect us to meet up and form a study group? summore with the cost of petrol increased. I wanted to explain all this to him but did he even bother to lend me an ear? No. He doesnt wanna listen. NOt even a word. Every time I tried to say sumting, he'll cut off my words and say I know.... BUt what he know is not what i was trying to tell.... Haiz.... really disappointed man... -.-

Tuesday... (3hrs)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2day all of us went for coffee beans after english class since a 2hrs lecture class was canceled... we had a total of 3 hrs all to ourselves... so we hop on to CK's car and hit for gurney... wwwee!!! it was fun and that 3 hrs really flew like nobody's business... the rest? why dont u take a look at the pics i took... ^^

San San missing in action... her hp and her other belongings are there but not the person... where did she go?

Aha!!! caught playing game instead of studying.... lol....

thats the coffe and the vanilla ice blended that San San and I ordered... they tasted good~~~ ^^V

u see? even our class's PhD professor also join us in gurney instead of studying.... influenced by us di.... muahahaha XD

no thanks to San San and Ck.... hav me glued to the laptop playing game for 45 minutes!!... if i din calculate wrongly... lol

LOok at CK... one person trying to dominate 2 laptops... lol... jk jk... hhhmm... studying or playing? what do u think? XD


Thursday, June 12, 2008

yesterday was fun. Wanna know why? I'll tell u why... maybe it might sound very ridiculous. still im gonna tell it... I dont give a damn on how ridiculous it is cos its my blog and i get to do what i want with my blog... ok. i think i sounded harsh. sorry bout that. bad memories were "dropping by" my mind just now. ^^"

for the fun part, i went out with my frens in college to batu feringgi for lunch... And we went for KFC!!! wwwee!!! hehe that was the first time i went so far alone with my frens for lunch... haha it was fun. Richard and CK did the driving. yup, there were 8 of us on 2 cars. heh. Actually we planned to go for hawker at first but since we went until maybank area there (xiong jun wanted to go), we changed our makan area to KFC instead. during that time, we joke and crap alot. it was fun.

For today, its also the same excapt we din go out and eat. heh. After eating, all of us went to study room which was so noisy that all of us agree with our newly created name for the room. The kap siau room aka K.S. room. hehe perfect isit? dont think so? wait till u actually come and visit the room urself. at that time, u'll agree with us. seriously man... its like when u say study room. The image that comes to ur head is that the room is very quiet with only soft whispers and the clicking of the calculators or maybe the typing sound of the keyboard. But in reality, the place is so noisy that it sounded more like a tempat lepak than a study room... (what to do... there is not a shopping mall near the college ma) Not just that, some of the students even on their music media player so loud that all of us can hear. So it is no longer known by the name of study room instead the K.S room... (for certain of us oni of cos)... ^^V

But it was really fun going college... seriously... its nice to get to hang out with frens and crap almost everyday and most of the time in college... ^^

butterflies in my stomach

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I kept looking at my watch hoping that english class will end soon but like what most of us experienced time travels extremely slow when u kept looking at it which made me nervous by the minutes. Trying to stay calm, I focus on what the teacher is teaching trying to resist the temptation to look at the time again. The last 30 minutes was like a year to me. waiting and waiting. To think that everytime the class seems to end fast except today. However, the moment the lecturer annouced that class dismissed, I took my bag and zoomed out from the classroom, down to the stairs, across the carpark and waited outside the campus. After a detailed scanning, I knew that my mum havent arrived yet. During that time, I felt butterflies in my stomach, nervous and yet excited. At the same time, my mind began to wonder about all the negative thoughts like what if the outing was canceled? What if he cant make it? What if my mum decided not to go? As these thoughts began to fill my mind, it didnt help me felt any better but worse until my mum arrive. I sighed with relieve as I rushed to the car knowing that I have think too much and everything is going to turn out fine.

The moment I reached the last floor, my eyes began to scan around looking for any signs of him but to my disappointment, he was no where to be seen. By making matters worse, I saw somebody who had cause me my one week's depression. The very person whom I used to have sweet memories with. My legs were weaken and I felt a twist in my stomach the moment I saw him. Luckily, I met my godbro also which made me took the opportunity to distract myself from looking at him. While talking to my bro, he finally came. I was like thank god!!! finally!! I excuse myself for awhile and went straight to him then held his hand tight. I felt much better after that. It was really unexpected to have meet him that day aftersince we were seperated.

The movie started at 4.30pm so we had some time to ourselves and walked around gurney. We chat and crapped as we walked hand in hand. I was so happy that after 2weeks, I got to see him again. Then that was when he gave me my present (although my birthday was already over, no complains here! ^^) that present was lovely. It had 2 parts.

The one in the pic is mine. Eventhough my pic is not really clear, I dont care. hehe behind this has his name carved on it. He also has one that had a blue diamond instead and with my name behind. ^^ When I first saw it, I was very surpirsed (he told me that my present was 3 pieces of chocolate). He help me to wear it around my neck. It was sssooo nice~~~ *love*

After the movie, we went for satay at a seaside coffee shop. yumm~~~ Then we took a walk along the pavement near the sea. It was already in the evening which made the atmosphere so romantic. ^^ Eventhough there wasnt any stars, the colour of the sky was very beautiful. At that time, I was glad to have share it with him~~~ ^^ yesterday was one of the best days ever ^^V

Damn the msn

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It has been since 6.40pm until now 6.50pm and my freaking msn still shows the 2 freaking icons turning and turning and turning.... with the word "signing in" on top of it... it had been for like the last 10 minutes and yet that thing still doesnt wanna sign me in... damn msn... curse u!!! >.< oh look... the 2 icons are still turning and turning again... taking its own sweet time acting like im invisible or like i have the time in the world...

oh look!! it finally let me in... wwwee!!! but that wont stop me from complaining... *laugh evilly* well, its not that im being bad here but as u know... once u start to do sumting, u need to finish it in order to end it and not by just stopping at where i stop when it let me in u know... if i were to do that, this blog of mine would be pointless and meaningless u see...

Ok... since im such a good and kind person, i'll stop criticising now. however, whenever or if u want me to comment on sumting that u found out that we both hate or like... u can always let me know and im more than happy to share my thoughts on that topic with u... XD

Monday Blues...

Monday, June 2, 2008

The minute I woke up after shutting my alarm clock, my mind began to run over what i am going to do today and whether there was anything for me to look forward to. Unfortunately, there was none. None that I could think of at all. I sighed with disappointment and from that point onwards, my mood turned bad somemore I did not have enough sleep last night which made me even more moody. Then I started to think how nice if only he was by my side now. That would cheer me up but sadly that wont beable to happen. well... Atleast not for now. After that, everything and whatever I do, you could sense the im-in-a-bad-mood kind of aura surrounded me. Its like I did not even looked forward to entering college for classes. Whats worse... 4freaking hrs in the lab!!! holy! anybody who heard that would also faint la... Its like imagine ur butt glued to the chair for 4 hrs straight! and i mean straight like with out any break man!!! urgh. That thought really did not help at all. Seriously. And the whole morning(before I attended my first lesson in college), my mind was so full of him and wishing that how nice if I could just hug him tightly without the need to say anything until the class starts. If that could be done, I can guarantee u that my mood would have been much MUCH better than what I had. This is no joke, seriously. I was really damn pissed and pek cek the whole time. But now atleast better di... Got to joke around with frens in college and have him around to talk to. Although we can only sms or call, atleast it was better than nothing. No complains here ^^

Actually if I were to sleep earlier last night, maybe my mood would not have been this bad. ^^" what to do. If it was not for the maths homework, I might have gotten to bed earlier.


I know...

lesson learnt.

No more next time... =)

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