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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am a fan of beauty blogs… In fact, If you were to browse my blog profile, you’ll stumble upon lots of beauty blog sites… XD So here I am today, to share one of the giveaways hosted by one of the beauty bloggers that I’ve been following, Nicole’s Mirror. Winking smile

The giveaway will announce the winner once the number of followers has reach 250~ so girls, do follow up this blog if you haven’t! to stand a chance on winning one of the 12 fabulous prizes! Open-mouthed smile there are lots of things on make-ups, reviews on beauty products and skin care on this site which you can certainly find informative on too! Winking smile 

Yes, like I’ve mentioned, there will be 12 winners for 12 prizes! Open-mouthed smile

The 12 prizes! =D

How to join the giveaway? It’s simple~

(Taken from the giveaway post… =))

Please copy and paste this steps (with your answer) and comment under the Nicole’s post on the giveaway.

  1. Have to be a public follower of Nicole's Mirror via Google Friend Connect  (YES/NO. your GFC name)
  2. Follow me via networkedblog (YES/NO. Facebook name)
  3. Write a post on your blog about my giveaway (YES/NO. Link)
  4. Link my giveaway on your blog sidebar with the above picture. (YES/NO. Blog url)
  5. Email (your email)

Comment example:

1.Have to be a public follower of Nicole's Mirror via Google Friend Connect  (YES. nicole)

2.Follow me via networkedblog (YES Nicole's Mirror)

3.Write a post on your blog about my giveaway (YES.http://nicolesmirror.blogspot.com/2011/05/nicoles-mirror-first-birthday-giveaway.html)

4.Link my giveaway on your sidebar with the above picture. (YES. http://nicolesmirror.blogspot.com/)

5.Email (yourwarehouse@gmail.com)

Extra Entries

  1. Be the first 25 to enter the giveaway- 1 entry
  2. Be the first 25 to blog about my giveaway-  5 entries (after 25 participants-2 entries)
  3. Be the first 25 to post link about my giveaway on your sidebar- 3 entries (after 25 participants- 1 entries)

How It Works?

  1. Giveaway will be close once the number of follower of Nicole's Mirror is 250. So spread the words around! ;)
  2. Winners will be chosen randomly.
  3. Winner will be contacted via email. Failure to reply the email within 3 days will disqualify you and next winner will be chosen.
  4. One comment per follower.
  5. Follow the directions under How To Enter. Failure to do so will disqualify your entry.
  6. Extra Entries will be given directly once you are the first 25 to join the giveaway.
  7. You get to choose your own prize! First winner (will be chosen randomly) will be able to choose his/her desired prize, followed by the second winner, 12th winner will get the last prize.
  8. Decision are final.
  9. NO P.O box address.
  10. Giveaway are open for anyone in the world as long as you have mailing address in one of the following countries,Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines.

So girls, do follow her up and stand a chance to win! =D

I hope I’m one of the lucky winners! *fingers crossed* X)

Optimism :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

every failure brings a step closer to success...

every mistake leads to a better future...

every down fall strengthens your ground...

every ending is the start of a new beginning...

every dead end leads to a new and better route...

So when life gives you lemon, make it into a glass of ice cold lemonade...

learn to dance in the rain and not sulk over it...

failure doesn't mean its the end of the world but merely a better beginning with an optimistic attitude...

The gift of life is indeed… life itself… Winking smile


So smile! for tomorrow will be a better day! =D

picture taken from… http://alphaza.blogspot.com/2010/11/life-is-beautiful-unrelenting-optimism.html… =)


It’s been ages since I last update my blog… Well, the fact that I hardly have the mood to blog is one of the reasons behind this… I mean I do have inspiring moments but those moments often occur at weird times… Normally, those thoughts come when I’m out buying dinner or when I’m on my way back home… Thus, when I’m back home, I seldom have the mood to blog anymore… Not like there’s anything different happened in my life that I felt enthusiastic to share about…

nope… my life right now is quite dull and predictable with the same usual daily routine… Other than the fact that I have some problems and issues to face and to solve which gave me an extra weight on my shoulders right now… my life is pretty much the same… For now, there’s nothing much that I’m looking forward to but to hope that this weight will be removed soon… At least at that time, I don’t have to feel so heavy anymore… haiz…

but I believed the best is yet to come and that good things come to those who wait… so yeah… I’ll just hang in there until the mess is cleared…

Delcious Icecream



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