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Saturday, October 10, 2009

College had started since a week ago and here I am having 2 assignments on hand already! Hectic is the word that will describe this sem. =/

Speaking of which, I went for a movie on wed with some of my course mates and Shirlyn. Sounds fun? yeah.. it was "fun" alright. why? Cause I was dragged into watching Sorority Row! thats why!

T.T for those who don't know, I not a fan of horror and thriller movies. Nah-a! Never a fan cause I'll ended up screaming or shouting every now and then when the killer is about to strike or when the ghost is about to appear. One more thing is they purposely maximize the volume of the music when it was about to happen. Yes, that scared the shit out of me. >.<

So for that movie, I hugged Shirlyn's hand very tightly and yes, my screaming did scare her instead of the movie. XD That cannot be blame cause I did not ask to watch triller. She was like "next time dont wanna watch triller with u d ler. U scare me more than the movie did!" after we came out from the cinema. hee.. So much for a movie with friends. XPP

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