Last day of sem break

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today is the last day of sem break aka my last day of fun... sigh... This is the first time Im whining about the sem break being too short... >.<>

Anyway, I was having my afternoon nap just now and I slept for 3 straight hours... woo! That's my new record for afternoon nap... XD just woke up awhile ago and now still feel kind of blur. Not only that, my stomach is hungry already! sish...

Ok.... Since my holidays are about to end, let me share some of the funny, candid pics with u all here... Up first, the pics from Cameron Highlands... It was taken at the Robinson Waterfall... The place there was seriously peaceful and refreshing with nothing but trees surrounding the waterfall... you can really smell fresh air there... No pollution or whatsoever... =) the sound of the splashing water caused by the waterfall really can calm your mind.

But while we were at there, I manage to take a few pics of my sis's "story"... Check it out... XP

Presenting the sampat "main" actress... XD
We manage to reach near the waterfall and there is how far we were allowed to go...

my sis: Can I go over there? Please?
Mum: no no no... Its dangerous...

2nd attempt of persuasion: Through dad
Unfortunately, she was ignored...XPP

So she could only stare at the spot she wanted to go...
she thinking: not want de... I want adventure! =/

***The End***

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