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Friday, October 30, 2009

Nowadays I felt much happier since last night. =)

Had one hell of fun that day. ^^
I hate to admit it but sometimes my heart still soften or weakens when I see you..
But I had improve alot since that day..
And I mean alot! =)
Thanks to this, I strongly believe on this phrase...

"Time will heal and cure everything"

Cause I had faced it myself. =)
Anyway, a few days ago was not as nice as today though.
Cause of some people..
Let me just ask u this simple question...
If a person demand for an "A" for a subject but gives rubbish work, do you think he should get a huge slap on the face?
No? If no then ma no lo..
Yes ma yes lo..
Just asking for opinion nia ma..
Comment on this question please~ XD
cause that is what I kena a few days ago...
thus killing tonnes of my skin cells unintentionally... >.<
Anyway, its over d.. Whats done is done...
Forgive and forgets ^^

anyway will upload pics and talk about Wednesday evening soon. ^^

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