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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Well, today is kind of boring... Was actually suppose to go out with one of my friend to celebrate his birthday but end up he has to cancel it cause other stuff comes out... No choice but to postpone it to next saturday instead... can say that I was neutral with it cause this is not the first time he is doing this... used to it d... haha

Anyway, i think i am glad that he cancel the outing. why? cause if it was not for this, I would have still stuck with a problem. What problem? studies problem. A lot of new subjects we are learning this semester and majority of them are NOT easy AT ALL. Seriously! >.<

But luckily one of my friends offered to teach me. He said he is not very pro at it but still at least I am able to learn something instead of now, knowing nothing. Thanks alot ya! =)

This semester is seriously not easy and that does not make me any happier. =/

Anyhow, I have plan to graduate by next year May and I'll make sure I WILL!!! That is the promise I'll keep to myself and I'll fulfill. =)

Hang in there! Gambate, Balitung-chan! =)

The best is yet to come. =)

btw, Happy Halloween, ppl! XD

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