Candid pics 2

Sunday, October 4, 2009

These are the candid pics from Jerejak island... XD Enjoy~

Person in pic: Ah Ten
Motive: wanted to act cool but... sigh... was interrupted by Choon Soon so there goes his coolness... XD

For this pic, I guess I dont have to say anything... The pic says it all... XD

Ah Ten trying to snatch Choon Soon's seat...

Ah Ten manage to snatch the seat. Choon Soon trying kacau him. the scene is sensored by Keat Wei. XD

The clearer view of the case "bully" XD

***Scenario End***

***Next Scenario***

presenting my 6 models... Today they are gonna teach u...
How To Act Cute With The Symbols "0", "2" and "5"... XD

The first symbol: 2
Which post u prefer? Got 6 different models with 6 different post to choose... XD

The symbol: 0
cute ma my models? XD

Last but not least....
The symbol "5"....
The cutest post among all!!! XD


Ps: Dont kill me if u all saw these... the pics are too cute to not share... XPP

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