Its been ages

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Its been quite some time since I last blog... As in post about my thoughts or my life... Why? Cause its either Im too busy playing games on the net or too lazy... Well, I have been having a lot of fun during my 2 weeks of semester break... Went to Cameron Highlands with my parents, one day trip to Jerejak with some of my college friends, hang out with my secondary school friends and crap... Had a lot of fun with them.. =)

Like yesterday, Shirlyn and I went shopping at Gurney... We went there in the morning and shop until 6pm... XD It was seriously fun... We went in every boutique and try everything clothes that we feel like trying... ^^ bought a top too... =)

To be frank, the mood I'm having right now is seriousness.... Nothing in me has the mood to crap or think something silly... Why? Blame it on my sis... She ruin my mood... Her profession... >.<>

Anyway, my results for the previous semester are coming out soon... Hope I score good and didnt fail any subject... *praying hard*

Alot had happen during the last semester... I hope this semester is gonna be better... I think it will be better... =)

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