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Friday, April 1, 2011

Last year’s December, my sis joined the AFS where they organised and handles student exchange programs. She managed to go Japan for 2 weeks although there were alot of paper work involved and all… My mum was very busy and things were quite kalam-kabut that time… I was in KL when it happened so yeah, mum will sometimes call and complained to me… XD but then again, it was worth it with the fact that my sis managed to go on this trip without the need to spend alot…

So this time around… It is our turn to host a student from a foreign country… A girl from Italy, Veronica! She will be staying with us for 2 weeks… It was fun to have an extra member in the family alright! What’s more is that it is a she! XD So we have more to talk about and share~

AmorypazJust last week, the whole family went to Cameron Highlands for a 2 days one night trip since V haven’t been there before… So off we go~ One thing, since there is an extra member in the car, the atmosphere is somehow more lively~ Even we have the mood to camwhore in the car! XD

IMG_4788  IMG_4799

Cool leh~ ahhh!

Went to quite a number of places in Penang as well during the other weekend~ It was fun, alright~ and just yesterday, Veron helped me to curl my hair! wee~ Love the volume created…


adore2! nice no~? (I mean the hair… ><)

It was fun~ She helped me with the hair last night… Was hoping that it may last until the next day but sadly, my hair is too stubbornly straight.. >_<

(readers might think : siao eh… some people have to spend $$ for rebonding and here she is, complaining that her hair is stubbornly straight?! =.=) Occasional change is fun~ =P

Anyway, she left this morning.. =( Although it was only 2 weeks, it was fun and memorable! X)

All the best to u, Veron! Hope to see you soon.. =)

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