Friday, April 8, 2011

Makeup… something that I love to explore… XD Can say that I’ve been fond of it since a few years back but I was not allowed to buy any of those as I was still in secondary school… Mum was like “Focus on your studies first! Beauty later!” >_< yeah… So there goes my chance of exploring… Besides, my friends at that time are not really interested in these kind of stuffs as well which somehow influence me too. I dare say that I seldom groom myself during those years except the way I dress. Still, it too was a seldom thing as I was quite lazy when it comes to this… Not to mention, I had lack of confidence last time… A very low-esteem girl I was… =X Even until I entered college, I did not bother to groom myself up at all! XP


These are not mine.. just found it from the web… =)


I’m currently using Kanebo’s Lunasol Party Coffret 2010 set~ =)

But things got better as I grow… Thanks to one of my closed friends during college, her encouragement for me whenever we go shopping really gave my confidence a boost! Not to mention, there are some incidences happened which triggered me adding even more confidence as well… XD Besides, this little girl is growing up! Which means it is time for a change… =P


One thing about makeup is that it can make your face look fresh and also flawless... But this depends on the personal preference, too... Like me, I do put on makeup occasionally but I apply them at a humble amount… I prefer to go for a more natural look… (I know putting on makeup means it’s not natural anymore) but my concept of more natural look is that… my skin will be flawless and I look more energetic and lively. Yeah. That’s my definition of natural. XD


So far, I did not try the extreme yet though… Like eye liner, I always draw on my upper lid only and leave the lower lid alone. I think did try to draw my lower lid before but it was a pure epic failure! And no, I certainly don’t plan to end up looking like Ju-On… >_< maybe I’m still a newbie and that more practice is required first! Anyway, the amount of makeup that I put on for outings depends on my mood. X)

Sometimes I’d just apply concealer with a thin layer of powder (just to blend the concealer well) followed by using an eyeliner for a more energetic look. Sometimes, when I have more time and is in the mood to play around with makeup, I’ll apply blush and eye shadow as well… But like I said, I usually apply them in a humble amount so most of the time, it is not noticeable especially in photos… XD

Like this one as an example =PIMG_4987 This pic was taken by Veron while we were at Cameron… XD

One sad thing to add, I have very light eyebrows… so light that when I apply makeup, I have to draw them using an eyebrow pencil else it won’t look so nice which I hate a lot … >_< Mum did suggest going for permanent eyebrow tattoo but it is a no-no for me… to draw eyebrows is already weird enough for myself imagine going for permanent! 


But then again, sad to say, eyebrows are a must for me to draw… And since I’m still a newbie, the eyebrows drawn sometimes end up very… erm… thick… and dark! =.= So yeah, I think if I wanna do a full make up on myself… I have to allocate a minimum of an hr for this! Not to mention, putting on makeup is an occasional thing for me so there goes my amount of practice… XP

But frequently, I do visit blogs and youtube on makeup in order to learn more about it… That was how I started learning everything too… XD

PS : for blogs… I find this one is very informative not just for makeup stuff but also skincare~ but one bad thing is that most of the products introduced are quite pricey… ><” so I just read no buy… X)

For youtube… I’ll always go for Michelle Phan’s videos! They are simple and nice~ Not boring too! ^^ But of course, by the end of the day, you’ll still need to practice in order to make yourself better… Practice makes perfect~ =)

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