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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today was not a good day... Atleast, it did not have a good start... =.= Woke up with a swollen left eye!! but luckily, my fringe is long enough to cover it so yeah... I became Spooky Kitaro for one day at work... >_<


Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post, I no longer get to log onto fb cause it has been blocked by the company already. T.T Luckily blogspot is still accessible so be prepared... My blog may be floated with tonnes of posts for this month... =P

fiaca! fiu2! 

It's not that I'm trying to find ways to laze around and abandon my work but one thing about me, I get bored easily when workload is concerned. Even when I'm getting my assignments done or even homework during college, I'll either blast the room with music and sing my lungs out (no, I don't think my housemates can hear it... I sing but not THAT loud.. >_<) or I'll "ronda" around Facebook once a while... These little things can really leave up my mood and somehow motivate me to continue whatever task I'm doing... Oh and of course, blogging is one of the little tasks as well... X)

noigo!  arpa! 

Can say that I'm very lucky to be doing my interns in the current company I'm at now cause they are more relaxed. Relax as in, you can listen to songs while working (as long as you are able to respond when somebody is calling you and you do not disturb anyone) and browse around web for anything that you wanna see (things not necessary work-based...) BUT of course, you have to get all of the tasks assigned to you done (it's still working despite the flexibility)... So yeah, I'm still good... XD


hhhmm... Speaking of music, I'm facing a problem... I need a bigger storage memory card! The current memory card that I'm using for my hp has very small free space left! wail! T.T So can't put in too many new songs anymore~ I mean yeah i know that I have 180+ songs in my hp but still!!! There are like alot of new songs which I wanna download and listen to more~ >_<

I guess I'll stop right here and continue my work... X)

Songs... Most of them have memories stored in them in such that everytime when you listen to it, it reminded u of a certain past... may the memory be good or bad... =D

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