bye bye late nights!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I went to bed surprisingly early last night at 10.30pm. Normally I’m a night person where I’ll stay up until midnight or later. >_< But recently, that habit of mine cannot be continued anymore. Why? Cause I’m suffering from the effects due to the lack of sleep. Since I’m doing my interns, I have to wake up at 6.30am every morning in order to reach the office on time and also to avoid traffic jams.

dolor2!  fiaca!

Imagine sleeping at 1am to 2am every night and crawling out getting out of bed at 6.30am! The effects from lack of sleep include: I find it hard to concentrate on whatever I was doing… It felt like my head was screaming at me in the morning… Urgh! It felt terrible. Also, my skin complexion gotten from bad to worse! And… my mood is badly affected by this… So bye-bye late nights!

  bye! domir!

I do put on mask occasionally but depending on mask alone can’t improve on my skin’s complexion can it? No. You need plenty of water and SLEEP to chip in as well. Speaking about mask, I’m using the masks from My Beauty Diaries recommended by Tenny (come to think of it, I just only realized that Tenny and I shared the most when beauty products and skincare are concerned… XD) I bought 8 pieces with different flavours before and it got me hooked onto it since then. Every flavor has their own “characteristics” like some are for skin brightening purpose, minimizing your pore size, oil-control and the list goes on.

My_Beauty_Diary_MaskSome of the range available~

I bought a dozen more when I was at Gurney Plaza about a month ago. A lot huh? Since they are effective and discount is given if you buy a dozen, why not? =P

IMG_5379 The remaining of my 12 pieces of masks~

One thing I liked about the masks is that they are sold at a fairly reasonable price (RM3.00~RM3.50… depends on where you buy them… KL is of course, slightly more expensive…). The bad thing about the masks is that all of their descriptions are written in Chinese! (excluding the ingredients) Yeah, I know it’s from Taiwan but the Chinese characters are minutely small! Not to mention, they are printed in reflective silver ink… which makes reading them even harder… >_< Still, the effect of the mask is what matters most right? So I guess, small problems like this can be ignored… Worse comes to worse, use a magnifying glass the next time you wanna read their “characteristics”! =P

ahhh!  buu!

Out of so many flavours, I liked the Aloe Vera mask the most! As it gives a really refreshing feel and its scent is not so strong… Don’t really like those with strong scent as they will leave that scent on my pillows at night when I sleep. ^^”

Recently, I did come across a forum where they sell Beauty Diaries' makeup removal sheets too! Unfortunately, they have run out of stock... =( Any idea where to get them? O.o Btw, beware of fake masks! I just found out from another blog about this... So do check it out, k? =) *the link* prevention is always better than cure~ *wink*

They have this new series, the Macaron Mask... Sounds nice... I think I'll go and get one to give it a try... =P There goes my money, again... Teehee!

PS: I plan to leave late nights for weekends and friday nights only! weekdays are not allowed anymore... at least not when I'm still doing my interns... =P

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