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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I have been exploring some Visual Basic codes recently...

It is applicable for communicating between 2 electronic devices and IF I managed to understand how the whole thing goes...

I can do ALOT of stuff... Yeah... A LOT!!!

BUT... Unfortunately, the codes are NOT as simple as they claim to be... wail! T.T

Allow me to describe the (crappy) "scenario":

*communicates through heart*

Me : oh! VB code! May you let me have the chance to understand u better...


Code : ....... Read me...

Me : ok! *stares at the codes* *scroll up and down*

After 30 minutes...

Me : Why is this written like this? How come that have to be put in? Write it this way can be accepted meh?? Why ar? @_@

  sorprendido mareo!

Code : ........... Unfortunately, I'm just your imagination so what I know is as much as what you know...

Me : T.T Why must you be so complicated?

pobe!  pobe3!

Code : No... I'm not complicated... I'm the simple version of the code... zzz

Wail! If the "simple" version one is so hard... then the hard one ma... oh no~


I now understand the feeling of programmers and I salute them for being able to come out with SO many high tech stuff… *salute*


Ps : From 2day onwards, I no longer can log onto fb during office hours anymore~ Why? cause it has been banned d… sobs! so yeah… fb is for night time only~ >_<

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