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Friday, April 15, 2011

Went over to Gurney a few days back to join Style Yourself Up! contest organized by Mango at their outlets. Thanks to Plus Size Kitten else I won’t know about its existent. =P Anyways, before going over, I stopped by The Body Shop to get myself a bottle of cleanser (previous one was already used up). End up going for the Tea Tree Oil cleanser and also its lotion as it is more for blemish skin (yeah… I have oily skin… >_<).

The brand that I used previously was Purenavi Foaming Facial Wash which I got for free from a contest that I joined in FB~ XD It was the “Singles Rulez the World” contest organized by Eternity Malaysia and Watsons. That cleanser was nice to use and I like the fact that it was pumped out in mousse form. The feeling after using it was refreshing and its suitable for all skin types. Feel free to give it a try. ;)


Anyways, I did not continue using Purenavi as I was in the mood of trying something new… X) So yeah, changing to Tea Tree Oil Cleanser for now… Lucky for me, when I went over, there is promotion where the prices for all skincares (cleanser, toner, moisturizer and lotion) are RM39 flat! XD

Can say that it was effective and I heart the lotion! Why? Cause the lotion doesn’t make your skin feel all sticky and oily after you’ve applied it. In fact, it made your skin feels softer and smoother~ X) Not just that, after applying the lotion in the morning, my face is less oily and the effect lasts me the whole day! Wee! XD However, when I apply it, my skin does feel slightly hot though… >_< but other than that, it was good. Credits go to ParisB for the review on this product! =D


Bought a sleeveless top at Mango as well after the photo shoot thingy as I got 5% discount from joining that contest… =P the discount was valid for that day itself only… So overall, I hate to say it but yeah, I spent over RM100 for that day~ ^^” But at least the stuff I bought was something that I need so it is still good, right? Right? =P

IMG_5376 Stuff that I bought that day~ just only these 3 costs me RM1xx~ >_<

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