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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Was blog hopping a few days ago when I came across a post where the blogger blog about the products from Majolica Majorca… The blusher that the blogger bought was very cute, alright! It was the size of a macaroon with a very small puff which is used to apply the blusher…

Shiseido-Majolica-Majorca-Spring-2011-Makeup-1notice the little puff there? Cute, no? adore2! 

I remembered the very first time I heard about this brand was from Tenny during one of our outings a few years back… The packaging for this brand is very unique and cute! Since cosmetic was not what I had in mind, I bought its bottle of pink nail polish instead and it was good… X)

286247_7I got the PK413 colour~ =)

(PS: this pic is “borrowed” from some random blog that google gave me… =P too bad that blogshop is for Singaporeans only though… ><)

Anyway, one of the blogger did recommend its single pack eye shadow saying that the texture and the quality is awesome! (The price is RM20.90… Cheap in a way but I’m still hesitating… >_<”) hhhmm… Should I? Should I not? I hate making decisions like this… @.@ But I’m quite curious with the 4 in 1 eye shadow pack too… It’s RM59.90 much expensive in whole but cheaper in sense that each colour costs me an approximate of RM15 only… I wonder are they good… Any idea? O.o

shadowcustomize  or 013


PS: the website for Majolica Majorca is nice~ girly and magical~ X) hhhmm... I think I'll drop by Watson's or Guardian when I'm free to know more about the cosmetics~ till then only decide whether what I should buy ... =P

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