Friday, April 8, 2011

Just changed my blog’s template… XD It was giving me a hard time alright! Why? Because there is an unnecessary element added to it which annoys me ALOT! Thanks to that element, 5 of my most recent posts will appear twice… =.=’’

dolor2!  pc!

Was very pek cek (fed up) with the problem… ><

Called Saw up about this and she suggested changing the template back to the classic one so I tried but to no avail~ T.T In the end, I gave up… Decide to look into the html coding instead… Thank God it is user friendly so I didn’t need to take much time before I found out the problem… After deleting that subprogram of codes… Taadaa! ^^ settle liao~ =D

ahhh!  Auxilio

Nice no? and one thing, I think some of you will be very happy about is that… It is no more pinky-poo! XD Decide to have a new fresh template and somehow, this one caught my eye.. so yeah… will be sticking to this one for now… =D

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