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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Saturday was fun~ Went over to Fitness First with Lucas and the rest... It was our outing… Unique location for an outing eh? =P Anyway, it was the Open Day for the fitness centre so members can bring as many guests as they want… So Lucas, being a member there suggested the outing~ X)


It was fun although I arrived an hr later than them… Got things to do before that… Anyway, the atmosphere is nice~~~ It felt very comfortable and all set for work out! >:D XD The bathroom was huge too! O.O pardon me for being a hill billy cause that was the first time I actually went over to a fitness centre for work out… ^^”

eee!  ahhh!

When I reached there, they had already attended a class… >_< but they wanted to attend one more so we went for the class that was scheduled next, Body Attack!!!

IMG_456010 10 10! The class was tough! >_<

Like I said, the class was tough! Had not work out that hard since form 5 when I still undergo swimming training.. >_< But it was good, alright! My muscles felt alive!!!!

Auxilio(yeah… they do felt alive on sat but after that, I suffered 2 days of muscle ache! T.T too old for aggressive work out d… ><)

mareo! susp!

It was tiring but with Chin Yang making all the funny funny poses during the class made us even more tired… tired due to excess laughter! >_< still, it was a good memory… XD

Went over the Steam Room for relaxation before bathing~ It was awesomely nice~ Can say that my eyes are more sparkle-ish (Cause I wore contact lenses.. =P) and my face is somehow smoother~ ^^


After gym, off to a nearby coffee shop for dinner~ and we chose a very “feng shui-ish” place to sit… =P

IMG_4570Like a g6~ like a G6~ =P

Later at night, went for a movie, World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles, with my family… but I slp at the beginning of the movie… Had a bad headache that time… >_< So yeah… my very first time sleeping in the cinema!!!

fiaca!   nose!

The movie was overall ok for me… one thing I like is that it somehow conveys a message saying that we humans, despite the bad situation we still have the humanity in us which made us help one another and continue fighting!


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