10 things I wanna do~ =P

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogger is back! X) I know I have been MIA-ed for the last few days as I had run out of things to blog and inspiration was not helping either… ^^" Since there is nothing for me to update about… I shall share the 10 things I wanna do when I have the money! XD Since I’m still a student, there’s always a budget constraint as you don’t wanna spend your parent’s hard-earn money for your own pampering no? :D

So for now, I can only set these as goals!!! That is until... I have a career and a steady income to spend! XD

*Ahem ahem

Allow me to present the 10 things I want to do when I have the money~

(caution: it may be very materialistic! Read at your own risk… =P)

First of all~

Pamper myself with French mani and pedicure at least once every month~! X) and maybe go for nail art occasionally! =D


Visit the spa~ pamper myself with facials, scrubs, body massage~ Anything for my self-relaxation… XD


Collect as many miniature perfumes as possible! They have to be authentic of course! XD


Explore the world of makeup and skincare~ Buy organic cosmetics and also good skin care products~ try try try! XD


Go shopping at fashion paradise! Like Milan, Hong Kong, Paris~ XD


images (1)  images

Try Macarons at Pierre Hermé's and also Ladurée’s~ for they are famous for this little delicacy in France~ ^^


chanel-valentine-s-limited-edition-classic-flap-quilted-handbag-pink-1117-bag IMG_8497-1 (Small)

*Just an example~ not the ones that I’m aiming for now… XD

To own at least one limited edition piece of Chanel’s or Burberry… XD


country-kitchen-picture Spacious!!! XD

The kitchen of my house has to be BIG filled with complete set of kitchen utensils!!!! So that I can cook and bake to my heart’s content! XD


img-hero-inspiredband Have a memorable and special wedding that I’ll never forget~ XD It’s every girl’s dream, no? =P It’s a once-a-life-time thing so of course it has to be memorable~ =)


world-in-union  sakura3

Travel around the world~! Woo~~~ XP Japan is a MUST! I wanna witness the blooming of the Sakura Trees~ Wanna see the Sakura flowers for real~ X)

So here they are… the 10 things that I wished to do… Sounds materialistic and expensive? Teehee! I did warn you… =P But then again, that is IF doomsday(somewhere around next year) is a false alarm... >_<

PS: to a certain somebody, when I want nothing to do with YOU… I MEAN it!!! So don’t bug me anymore… its freaking annoying!!! >_< and don’t go around assuming that by doing anything for me will change my mind!!! NEVER! I’ve made it very clear to u A LOT of times already… get the msg! =.=

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