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Monday, April 11, 2011

There was this event which was held at Penang Times Square during the weekends. It was Galaxy & Youth Carnival where there were several activities held for both Saturday and Sunday. I did not participate in any of the activities organized but I heard that there were Amazing Race, Paintball and etc. Those activities were held at the open ground of Times Square whereas there was a Dance Competition being held inside Times Square at the center court of the building.


The main reason I went there was for the Cosplay event. My sis wanted to cosplay for both days and so, there I was tagging along, becoming her driver and photographer. >_< Anyways, since the Cosplay competition was held on Sunday, Saturday was not very happening for the cosplayers as not many hang around for long (or maybe it’s because we arrived late that day… ^^”).

IMG_3656 The whole gang of cosplayers posing for the camera on Sat… But most of them left shortly after that…

However, Sunday’s event was a blast! The atmosphere was much more different and it felt livelier. Since there was a cosplay competition, lots of cosplayers turned up and stayed on longer! That was also because the whole competition lasted for 5 hours, 2pm to 7pm. Had lots of fun while I was there, alright! It somehow reminded me of the Cultural Fair that was held in USM during the month of February. XD

IMG_3968  IMG_3979

By looking at people cosplaying, it somehow showed their enthusiasm and how much they enjoyed, allowing themselves drowned into the character that they cosplayed as.

IMG_3963  IMG_4000

Like the president of a cosplay club, he got himself into an accident awhile ago and thus he had to seat on a wheel chair but that certainly did not stop him from doing what he likes! He did cosplay on that day too! In fact, he even crossplayed as Miku, a girl character! He even sang “1000 words” from Final Fantasy XII! He sang it beautifully for a guy… and somehow, you can feel his passion through his singing and his dressing up…

IMG_4072Thumbs up for him! =)

(note: When the person cosplayed a character of opposite sex, it’s known as crossplay instead of cosplay)

One thing I love about cosplay events is that you get to see your favourite Anime characters come to live! And what’s more is that, the atmosphere certainly doesn’t make you feel freaky of yourself for the hobby (cosplay) you have… Instead, it’s like a day with fantasy away from reality… ;)

IMG_3674 IMG_3677

The winners of the cosplay competition are~

IMG_4147 from left: 3rd, 1st and 2nd placing respectively… X) Congratulations! =D

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