The 200th post~

Friday, February 26, 2010

lols... I blog this to prevent 199 blog posts displayed in my home page cause I don't like these numbers which end with 9... its like keep you dangling half way u know... =.=

Anyways, since its that case, I'll just blog about my current favourite singers~ ^^

Can say that so far, the only singer that I enjoyed listening to his songs is only Jay Chou. Can say that I won't grow bored of his songs unlike others. ^^ I didn't listen to all of his songs from album 1 to now though but so far majority of his songs are nice~ =)

Well, just recently, there is a singer being added into my fav list... I think u might find it hard to believe but yeah, I felt that her songs are nice~ =) It's Lady Gaga... =D I love the melody of her songs especially! They are awesome~ seriously! (Even though the lyrics are kinda obscene... lols..)

So yeah, now I have a male and a female singer with chinese and english songs respectively~ wee~ hehe.. =D

But one more thing, for Lady Gaga, I only like her songs and full stop. nothing more. NEVER like her fashion as to me, it sucks to the max! =.=

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