VAlentine's Day~ ♥

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nope. I am not here to blog about my Valentine's Day cause there is nothing to blog about. =.= I am still single and thus there is nothing special happen or what so ever.

What I am about to blog is the movie Valentine's Day~ Went for it with Saw Saw just now at Gurney~ Finally get to watch it d cause I could not find anyone who wanted to watch this movie also until yesterday~ wee~~~ thankies saw saw for accompany me to watch the movie~ ^^

Anyways, to those who haven't watch it yet, should consider watching this movie (It does not matter whether u are single or not). It is really awesome~ It is sweet and funny and yet let u realize the meaning of love~~~ and that sometimes u didn't realise that your special someone is actually by your side all the time because you somehow overlook that fact... =)

I rate 5 hearts for this movie~ ^^


ps : I wanna know you better so that i can understand u... =)

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