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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The titles of my blog posts are getting more and more uncreative lately. I noticed. Tried think of something more catchy but can't think of any. =/

Anyways, class ended at 1pm today since there is no maths tutorial~ hehe... Actually planned to go for a movie with Shirlyn de but got other stuff to do last minute thus its canceled. =( hope the outing on this Thursday won't be canceled again ba.

er... wait... what is it that I wanted to blog about again? *think* ish... I hate it when I wanted to pen down those thoughts of mine, a portion of them disappears... =.= or the worst part is when I am on9-ing, my mind is blank but after I shut the comp, thoughts begin to fill my mind... what the heck wei?! ==

hhhmm... right... I actually wanted to have a swim in the evening just now but it was canceled also! wails!

Why? cause it so happen that one of the swimmers forgot to bring her goggles with her for training thus she came and borrow from me (no doubt... my sis is the one suggesting that idea... =.=) and their training session finish at 7pm so by the time, she is done using my goggles, I'll be bathing in the bathroom instead d... haiz... sad sad...

Nvm~ there is always Thursday~ hope I can swim on that day and not canceled again... *pray hard*
hhhmm... can say that for now, I am contented with my life~ no complaints or whatsoever. =D

I never regret falling for u~


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