Cupcakes : Success! ♥

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yesterday (Friday) was my first time baking cupcakes! wee~

Did chocolate chip cupcakes~ and it was a success~!! But there were a few spoiled ones though... =.= overburnt is the word to describe my failure...

One of the pic... T^T

see? my first batch of cupcakes... pure black charcoal de...

the oven was releasing smoke at that time as well... haiz... Then after that batch, another batch also failed... although they did not burn, the top was cooked but the inside was raw!

Anyway, I quickly called my mum for 911 before I spoil everything... and it turns out that the temperature that I set was too high and too long... But I was just following the recipe~

so fine, after that, I adjust the temperature and voila~ beautiful and cute lil perfect cupcakes are served~

the pics~~ ^^

The first purrfect batch~

This one with the spoilers... =/
In the tupperware~ ^^

ps : Happy chinese new year everyone~! ^^


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