New Chapter.. the last one

Monday, February 22, 2010

Today was the first day of the sixth semester in college which is also the last sem that I am going to spend at TARC Penang campus. After that, its a whole new volume of my life as I'll be going to a new place to further my studies with new surroundings and also make friends with new faces.

Everyone will be going their separate ways. Maybe a few will end up in the same place as you maybe none at all... Liked I once said in one of my post, it is destined for us to meet and get to know each other as along the way, we so happen to take the same path.

Eventhough we may no longer take the same path, the memories we shared will always be remembered and stored in a corner of our heart. =) and who knows, we might take the same path again after that... It's hard to tell... =)

Anyway, today was not bad... The results for last sem was out and I am happy with it... Satisfied... Although my CGPA did not increase, it still maintained... hee...

I am happy that I manage to keep the promise that i made to myself... ^^ gonna work hard for this last sem! Gambateh!

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