the 190th post

Saturday, February 6, 2010

yeah... this is the 190th post since the day I started blogging... So few isn't it? sigh.... It can't be helped when factors like laziness, lack of inspiration and not free are always around... But most of the time, its due to laziness. I admit. =P

Anyway, I was browsing around facebook when I found my used-to-be inspirational blogger again..
Why I called him so? cause there was once when I was really down deeper than shit that was when I found out about his blog and surprisingly, his blog posts really gave me the inspiration to feel happy again. That was about 2 years ago. wow. Come to think of it, time really flies! Seriously!

I mean I came to know this guy through my friend. I didn't become his friend or anything. Just when my friend told me about him (he is her cousin brother), about what he thinks of certain religion and his point of view on certain issues... I found out that they are in sync to my thoughts... How cool was that! =D

That was when I started following up his blog.. Did left a command or 2 in there.. Cause not to say anything but can say that everytime when i was down, i'll go over to his blog and wonder around there. One thing about his blog though, it is freakingly vulgar. seriously! But still, the way he express his thoughts on issues are hilarious! So its like vulgar but funny... weird isn't it? I still enjoy it anyway. Used to. =P

And here I am after 2 years, found his blog again. It seems that he did not change his address but there was once where I failed to enter his blog though... I wonder why... Anyway, compare on how he used to blog and the way he blog now... There is a difference... This time, it had turned more emo but never failed to inspire me to blog... atleast to blog out what I feel on certain stuff without giving a damn about what ppl thinks...

2 thumbs up for that blogger. ;)


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