Yesterday once more~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

yesterday once more... the title of an old song which was back in the 80's i think... Not very sure about it... Anyway, went to Gurney Plaza yesterday for a movie, Tooth Fairy with Saw and Yy. ;) The show was funny but still prefer Avatar over it though... =D yy was late for our outing for an hour... >.<>
We met up at Wongkok for lunch but went to get the tickets reserved first but since yy haven't reach Gurney, we have to think of a way to borrow another student card from somebody in order to get her ticket student price... So since CX was working at Parkson, we decided to go over there to find her... She didn't tell me which department she was working at but she did tell me that she worked as a cashier so off we go, saw and I went around Parkson to search for her... Luckily it didn't took us long enough.

Hang around there and chat with her since she was not entertaining any customer. Crystal was there as well so yeah, four of us chat until one of the customers wanted to pay so we were shoo-ed off... >.<>

After that, went for lunch where yy met us up... Then after the movie, we went over to Secret Recipe for deserts... Ice cream and a slice of cake with a cup of coffee... 3 of us shared those... =P

Pics are in fb.. lazy to post it up here~

Anyway, can say that yesterday was fun... we did crap and talked about how much we miss our secondary school life where we crap and talk nonsense about almost everything under the sun... laugh until our stomach hurts, tears flow and have to pause for a sec to catch a breath... haha...
Those seriously were the good days... And here we are, drifted apart from each other as we continue to further our studies and pursue our dreams...
but we still keep in touch with each other and hang out once in a while to go all crazy over again... XD

It's like... in our life, we were destined to meet up along our journey as we are walking the same path at the same time but somehow, as time pass by, we will reach a junction with all sorts of roads heading towards a different future... That time, my friends, is the time where we have to go our separate ways because although we are friends, we have our different interests and dreams... but that does not mean that the memories we have together and the time we spend will be forgotten... It will always remain in our hearts... ;)

ps : 2mr going for Redbox to celebrate my friend's bday! yay~! ^^
pps : to all my friends out there, I'll always love u~ u know I do... =)


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