Educational Fair

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Went for the educational fair yesterday as I wanted to attend a talk on studying abroad. So yeah, the talk starts at 2.45pm, end at 4.15pm. It was divided into 3 sections which are studying in Australia, in UK and lastly in US. I'd say that it was informative.

The reason I went for this talk is to confirm about the way of getting a visa when I'm going to UK in 2 years time. (I know its still a long way to go but why waste the chance of listening to it when u have it, right? =P) cause according to my friend who is studying in UK, it seems that the procedures to get a student visa is not easy or something like that...

Anyway, nothing much to talk about though... met a few friends... chat with some awhile, some just hi and bye.... hhhmm... 2 years ago, thanks to educational fair, I ended up taking diploma in a college instead of going Form 6 which was my actual plan... And now, thanks to educational fair again, maybe I'll be flying my way to US for my degree instead... Who knows? let fate decide on its own... =P

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