Valentine's day present?

Friday, January 29, 2010

hhhmm... Just the other day, was browsing around the internet looking at stuff sold in blogshops... Then there is this blog shop which I so happen to came across with... This is the link. Have a look if u want... =) The things sold there are nice and the price is reasonable... =)

Anyway, Valentine's day is near though it is on the first day of Chinese New Year. Cut to the chase, there is this ring which I would really love to have it for this year's Valentine's Day.

Pretty isn't it? ;) It's a lovie~

Well, It can't be help as the saying goes... Diamonds are girls' bestfriend... =D

Not just that but this ring somehow give me a special feeling like I'm special... =P Besides, have a ring on vday would be much different... But of course, not proposing.. I'm too young to get married... =P

Then again, which girl does not wanna feel special on that day? ;)


avagdro said...

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ThE GiFt oF LifE Is LiFe ItsElf said...

no prob... =)

Delcious Icecream


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