Tuesday, January 5, 2010

haiz... this is already the 14th week of the second semester which means it is the last week of study aka next week is already exam!!! and here i am not studying but am worrying on my mini project instead... T^T I seriously do not know what went wrong.. I mean time management is a HUGE issue here... (we screw up on that... >.<) well, actually that cant be blame total on us though...

cause u see... This mini project is all about getting the hardware right and most important of all... the coding! yes, the programming part.. whats bad is that we are taught to use low level language which is assembly language... A language which is understand directly by computers and Programmable Integrated Circuits (PICs)... >.<>

If only C++ programming is used instead or is taught instead... then my worries will reduce alot!!! T^T... sadly, i know the how the coding goes but not how it should be compiled... and for assembly language, i know how to compile but dont know the coding well!!! wail~~~ T^T *^*


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