Friday, January 29, 2010

Went for Avatar with Ru Yan, her sis, Yen Yee and my sis on Wednesday. Finally get to watch it after so long~ Yes, i know the movie had been release since last year but can't blame me for watching it this late. Cause

number 1 : I was super busy with assignments, test and college..
Number 2 : I got no transport (last year)
Number 3 : nobody to jio to watch

So yeah, there goes my 3 reasons for watching it this late... =P Anyway, the movie was superb! Like what Yan says, the movie is conveying a message on human greed. That I strongly agree cause it's true. Besides, it was also to create awareness on saving Mother Nature. and the world, Pendora, was like oh-my-god... So fantasy-ish and so beautiful so peaceful~ I'll like to stay there if possible... Seriously! XD

Might be going for the 3D soon with them again... =P cause it was too nice~ Don't mind watching twice~ =D

Yours truly,

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