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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its been some time since I last blogged... It cant be blamed... Been buzy with assignments and tests... Mind u, my assignments are not done yet and more tests are coming next week... Oh my good god!!! sien... the thought of it kills...

=.= =.=

anyway, am going back to my old school 2mr for the food fair... Going to meet up with some friends and cam whore maybe? XD He's fetching me there~~~ wee~~ at least there is something to cheer me up abit... I mean, of cos, seeing saw saw, yen yee, chun xun and others too cheers me up but there is still a small little thing that annoys me and triggers my mood... =.= what is that? erm... I choose not to say about it...

Hope 2mr turns out good... =)

PS: things between me and him had gotten better... Although he still feels stress and pressure, things have improved... hope it will stay this way longer.... =) u o~~~ I am still trying to stay strong but now i know... without u supporting me, no matter how i tried, strength wont come easily... so dear, ur is important to me o~ ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

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