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Sunday, August 16, 2009

yesterday (saturday), went to sunrise McD for group study with keat wei and shirlyn... It was not good though... we did finish a few questions for electronic instrumentation and communication assignment with a few on engineering mechanics... BUt it was seriously freaking me out!!! why??? cause I dont understand a thing about framework!!! and the worst part is... I tried the tutorials and failed to get the answers I wanted!!! oh my good god... I was kinda freak out somemore with what i am facing right now.. I was really oh my god... haiz... >.<

Anyway, after studying, we went to gurney and bought tickets for G.I.Joe!!! hehe... while waiting for it to start, we went popular to do some shopping (more like refilling stock cause there are stuff that i have run out >.<) Then went in for the movie~ the movie was seriously good wei... I just LOVE the technology that they are using in the movie.. Its so advance and cool!!! the actions also not bad and the jokes are not lame... XD Overall, it was an awesome moive!!! omg... I wish next time I can manage to explore the technology that they are using... Its seriously cool! XD

ps: I'm slowly letting it go but that does not means that my feelings for you have fade... so I hope u wont break my last condition... That is all that Im asking... nothing more...

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