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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Im not in the mood for any lovey dovey things right now... if i can avoid any of it, trust me, i will... Its like it somehow make me sick or make me wanna drown myself into despair when I come across any stuff of this type... urgh!!! =.= I suck...

Anyway, exam is near... study study study... cos after exam, I am ssssoooo gonna enjoy to the fullest~~~ have a whole list of to-do's for the holidays.... wee~~~ cant wait! XD

Heard that next sem is gonna be tougher than this sem... *gulp* *sweating*... hope I can pass it again and this time, dont wanna do anything at the eleventh hour d!!! If not, the results turn out like shit nia... haiz...

Believe in myself... I can do it~~~

Dont wanna end up like the egg... >.<

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