Youth Jam ‘11

Monday, May 23, 2011

For those of you who had read one of my previous post before on Galaxy Youth Carnival, guess what? Another similar event is about to be held in Penang again! XDD woots! Hot smile


But sadly, I don’t get to go as I won’t be in Penang… T^T anyways, if you guys are interested in it, do click on the picture to check it out! =) Winking smile

There' will be many exciting events like:

  • cosplay competition (I had alot of fun admiring the cosplayers during Galaxy Youth Carnival… I wanna see again~~~ >_<)
  • photography competition for those who are interested in photography…
  • There’s even Eating competition!!! organised by Secret Recipe~~~
  • Coffee drinking competition~
  • and and treasure hunt!!!

wail!!! I wanna go~ I wanna go~ I wanna eat and drink and play treasure hunt~ T^T Crying face Those of you who can go… Do go and have a look… experience and enjoy the atmosphere! it’s really awesome~ no joke… Open-mouthed smile

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