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Thursday, May 12, 2011

I know… my blog is dead for these past few days/weeks… it’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about… In fact, I have tonnes of stuff to blog on but… was not in my cheery optimistic mood… was worried with this and that and surrounded by negative energy and all… haiz… it felt like hell, alright… =/

Anyway, I felt much better already now that one of my major problems is solved~ =) so, I think I shall start with… erm… my advanced surprise bday party!!! wee~~ =D

It was held at Berjaya Hotel on a Sunday before I came back to KL… My mum told me that it was a family celebration but it turned out to be… more than that! lols… I was really shocked and surprised when I reached the hotel as I spotted some of my college friends in the lobby holding onto a BIG box tied with a ribbon… I was like… omg!!!!

IMG_5487 IMG_5449

The present from them~ Pretties and Handsomes~ ahaha… XD

After that, I went into the restaurant only to find my former supervisor and colleague were there as well~ followed by my sampat girl friends… and of course, my family together with my relatives~ Can say that I was so happy that I didn’t eat much… I guessed happiness had fed me enough… XD

IMG_5452  IMG_5489

My former supervisor and colleague~ and the present~ X)


My honeysss~~~ XD their presents are individual… so too many to put in d… >_<”


Happy family~ =D


turning 21 soon d lu~ XD

IMG_5481  IMG_5504

Last but not least~ group pic of my family, relatives and friends~ with all their lovely presents~ =) thanks, ppl~ for making it a memorable one~ =D

A surprise that I won’t forget~ thankies to my mum lots! credits go to her for the surprise planning~ I heart you, mummy~ ♥ =)

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