Saturday, May 21, 2011

Actually, right now, at this instance, I have to complete my proposal BUT somehow, I ended up here. =.= I guess important, boring matters always make me swayed away.  Smile with tongue out

Anyway, It’s been ages since I last update my blog. I had LOTS to blog about but lack of inspiration and was filled with laziness… Gee… I’m getting lazier by the day… >_< crap… So, yeah… Back to my title… I’ve finally able to try dining at Jogoya~ =D It’s a Japanese restaurant located at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang. It’s at the opposite of Pavilion and at the left (If you were look at it from Pavilion) of Fahrenheit 88.

Went with my family on the weekend before my new semester starts~ The price? It costs a bomb! >_< with RM98++ per person but I forgot to mention, it is all-you-can-eat buffet style~ wee!!! XDD

I think I’ll let the pics do the talking now~ Winking smile

IMG_5522 IMG_5524

Left: the dishes we took for 1st round~ XD

Right: the complimentary wine they gave… but you can only consume it there… cannot take home… >_<

IMG_5525 IMG_5526

left: fresh oysters (they are a MUST try!!! no joke~) with raw Salmon slice(sashimi Hot smile)

right: erm… mini steamboat? my parents ordered it… you get to pick what u wanna cook inside(mostly seafood) and they’ll serve it to you with the soup… it’ll be place on the mini gas stove that’s on your table… X)

IMG_5527 IMG_5528

left: Ze wine~ XD

right: Chocolate coated marshmallows with waffle top with New Zealand coffee ice cream~ yummm~

IMG_5532 IMG_5531

left: the wine~ again… =P

right: coconut drinking the wine… XD haha the coconut drink is another MUST try!!! very delish~ and very laku (selling like hot cakes) =D

IMG_5534 IMG_5539

left: coffee pudding~ not to my liking though… It’s too bitter… >_<

right: Jogoya! XD

IMG_5537 IMG_5538

some wine/liquor they display at the restaurant.. look so exquisite~

Restaurant: Jogoya (Jap restaurant with buffet style)

Location: Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang (directly opposite of Pavilion)

Price: RM98++ (sometimes they do have promotions like buy 2 free 1 kinda stuff)

Note: the food there are delish~ sashimi’s are very fresh too! Not to mention, alot of expensive food are available there as well like New Zealand ice cream (the one that costs a bomb for just a scoop… >_<), Haagen Dazz ice cream, abalone, shark fin soup, fresh oysters and etc~

Overall, it was worth a try~ I don’t mind going there again though… but sadly, my pocket will have a hole if I do… haha… life as a student has its cons… >_<

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