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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Despite the fact that Fast 5 had already went on screen since the beginning of May, yours truly here only managed to watch it by today! Which was just now with one of her buddies~ Luckily there was someone who share the same fate as I do else I think I won’t be able to watch this movie until the DVD comes out. >_<

Overall, I would rate the movie: 5stars!!! It was definitely worth watching! very exciting and cool! It' occasionally have you sitting at the edge of your chair! (ok, maybe I’m being a little too sarcastic) but then again! To be honest, to compare this and Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I would go for Fast 5… It has more action… and and… hot guys with hot bodies!!! (for the girls~ XP) and hot sexy chicks for the guys~ ahaha… XD

Note: I really love the combination of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in this movie… It makes the movie whole lot cooler!!! *like like!!* XDD

Anyway, went over to Watsons to stock up my stuffs as I’ve run out of some… >_< and something unexpected happened… lols… Something so hill billy that I had not done before… ok, here is how the scenario goes:

As I was queuing up to buy the tickets, a advertisement with the POC’s symbol and blue ocean caught my eyes which then led me to the words stated:

show your POC ticket at O.P.I outlets for a 20% off on Mini Nail Lacquers from O.P.I inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides! 

(Something like that…)

And being a girl who loves shopping, generally the 20% discount rate shines like a ray of Sun had fall upon it… making it look so holy~ haha… BUT! It is only applicable for POC movie AND it has to be a GSC ticket… That really made my heart sank! Cause,for 1, I had already watched POC during the last weekend and 2, it was at TGV instead of GSC! >_< so yeah… I was disappointed as O.P.I. nail polishes are expensive and I’ve always wanted to try them out!

Anyway, I still share the offer with my buddy when she arrived and then an idea hit us… which is, to take the ticket from someone who watched it on that day! So yeah, there goes our “marvellous” idea. At first we planned to asking those who are going in for the 9.30pm movie but then again, since POC did screened at 7pm, we decided to give it a shot by waiting at the exit of the cinema instead.Very hill billy-ish I know… But we were charmed by the cute little nail polishes in the set that we decided to try our luck!


Found them near the bin NOT IN the bin… XD

It was quite hard at first as we do not know the actual cinema room that screened POC at 7pm and what’s more was that the GSC at Pavilion had 2 exits. So yeah, we were waiting from exit to exit, asking people randomly what movie they were watching, for about 40 minutes. Then, that was when we finally caught hold of those who watched the POC movie. Unfortunately, the guy that we asked had thrown away his ticket… So it was a failure but we decided to go into the cinema and try our luck hoping to find a ticket on the floor or something… It turned out that the cleaners were faster than us… so fail again… After we got out from the cinema, yy decided to search around the bin and true enough! there were 2 tickets of POC available at the side of the dustbin (pic above)… so wee!!!! mission accomplish… haha! XDD

As we were laughing feeling satisfied with the fact that we tried, we walked towards the O.P.I. shop and bought our set!

IMG_5615 The salesgirl was already keeping up the items when we reached but we still managed to get our mini sets! =D


tah da! My very first set of nail polish from O.P.I. and I won’t forget how I got it~ XD

(The promotion lasts until next Sunday though… So girls, if you are interested in getting this at a discounted price, go watch POC at GSC! you’re entitled for the discount once you gave them your ticket! Winking smile)


Stuff that I bought today~ fuu… broke again d… >_<

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