Water Marbling!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

In my previous post, I did mention that I’ve always wanted to get my hands on OPI nail polishes right? Well, there is a reason behind this “want” which is to try on water marbling nail design!!! ^^V

It was quite some time ago that I was introduced to this unique way of designing nails by a friend of my sis who posted the outcome of her attempt. From the time, I saw it I was like “omg! I wanna try it too!” So there I was, watching several videos on the tutorial for water marbling… It was so interesting! But! There is a catch to this unique nail design… which is NOT every type of nail polish can be used to achieve this look.

I didn’t know that until I tried it using the nail polishes that I have… None of them worked! The brands that I’ve tried on are:

  • Silky Girl
  • Skin Food
  • Majolica Marjorie

Note: I’m not sure about Majolica’s though as I have only one nail polish from that brand… So I can’t guarantee ya… =)

Disappointed, I asked my sis’s friend about it and she told me the same thing: not every nail polish can be used for this… In fact, the nail polishes that can guarantee this design are those branded nail polishes like Sally Hansen and OPI…


So now that I finally got myself a set of OPI nail polishes, I had achieved one of my to-do’s! wee~ ^^

IMG_5628 IMG_5631

Ta-dah~! As the colours of the nail polish are in pastel shade, the design looks softer~ =) come to think of it, they look like candy~! Smile with tongue out

The colours I used for this design:


Sparrow Me the Drama and Stranger Tides

lols… the names given for the polish… X)

And the mess I made for creating this nail design:


Messy huh? >_<

There are a few things which you have to take note of while doing water marbling:

  • Make sure your surrounding is not windy (the polish will dry up very quickly)
  • Have to be fast when you dot your nail polish (Don’t have to close the nail polish lid tight after every drop… That will slow you down alot… Don’t worry, the nail polish(in the bottle) won’t dry up so quickly)
  • Make sure you have tonnes of cotton buds, Q-tips and nail polish remover by your side (to clean up unexpected mess)
  • Practice makes perfect! =D (Don’t worry if initially it looks weird or “cacat”(retarded), you’ll get better as you go along… Smile)
  • It’s ok if the pattern you get for every nail is inconsistent… Inconsistent is a part of art~ Hot smile 
  • If possible, do NOT use a plastic cup as the acetone from the nail polish can cause a hole on it…

Lastly, enjoy the process! ^^ Winking smile

I really love this design~ What’s more is that it dries faster than the normal way of applying nail polish! ♥ ^^ ♥

Note: I don’t do tutorials as this was my first time trying out as well… But if you wanna learn, you can always go YouTube and type in “Water Marble Nail Art” and you’ll get yourself tonnes of tutorial videos… =)

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