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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Class ended at 6pm today so went over to Wangsa Maju for dinner before heading for KLCC… =) The main intention of going to KLCC at first was to shop for a French dictionary BUT ended up going for a movie instead. Why? That’s cause the dictionaries are too freaking expensive that’s why! >_<

Our French  professor told us that it only costs RM19.90 BUT the price that we saw over there was like ABOVE RM40! So of cause, none of us wanted to go for it (atleast I do NOT wanna go for it… call me stingy but I really don’t think its worth the amount spend…) Anyway, we went for Kinokuniya bookstore for the dictionary hunting so I guess that’s the reason that the books are pricey? no? O.o


Still, I did suggest going for a survey at a few more bookstores before regret buying it when it can be bought at a lower price elsewhere. The pain of that regret is unbearable so prevention is better than cure… XD

nose! Since we planned to survey the price before buying it, that leaves us tonnes of time to “lepak” around so that’s when we suggest going for a movie instead! wee~~~ Ended up watching the Reign of Assassins… Y.y. and I wanted to go for The Other Guys but Shir doesn’t want so we went for this movie instead…


The movie was not bad~ the story is kind of nice and ooo~ it touched my heart~

happy!  It was worth watching~ but then again, it was not worth watching cause I found out that one of my housemates had the movie in his laptop! >_< there goes my RM13~

^$^ my money~~~ nooo3!

Anyway, while y.y., Shir and I were walking around the mall, we were practicing our French by repeating the words here and there then there was once where we were stuck with the words “je comprends” (translates as I understand) and “je ne comprends pas(I do not understand)… At that time, it didn’t occur to us that a western guy was in front of us…

I guess we were talking quite loud and thus he turned and looked at us with this expression ---> O.o …

“You know how to speak French?” he asked… 3 of us, shocked and speechless for a second before I answered him “A little bit…” ^^”  “That’s a good start” he responded and walks off…

The moment he was gone, we were acting like hill billies and kept saying oh-my-god!!! That guy actually listen to what we were saying??? Must be a French dude… and voila~ We were on that topic for as long as I can remember… lols! But still, seriously, he really caught us off guard… I mean, we didn’t expect anyone to know what we were talking about… Not that we were aware of… XD Still, it was cool~ X)

haha! ahhh! sarcas!

ps : wishing you again… happy birthday~ =)

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