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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes, ppl~ Today was the first day of French class for mua~ how did it went? well, let’s just say that it had a very VERY challenging start! The moment the lecturer came into the class, he started speaking French!!! Thanks to that, there are question marks on EVERYBODY’s head… >_< BUT luckily he did talk with hand gestures so I was able to roughly catch what he says (although I’m not even sure whether my guess is correct or not!) I dare to say… the first half an hour, everybody was seeing stars~ *_*

mareo!It was seriously hard to try to understand… I mean, just imagine this scenario, a dog and a cat are trying to communicate with each other using their respective language… Yeah! that’s exactly how it was… and to make things worse, the lecturer speaks purely French! Not even English… >_< omg…


Anyway, it was good~ I dare to say its challenging… It felt like as if you have to break the Da Vincci code or something! But thanks to that, I was FULLY awake for the 2 and a half hours class. Seriously! I didn’t even yawn!


hehehe~ XD I did learn a few words of course~ and also, I realised that the spelling of the words and their pronunciations are totally different! So I have to scribble extra notes on how the words should be pronounce by the side…

Overall, it was good~ I can say its a whole new challenge to me and I’m all out to face this! sarca2!

ps : To be able to help a close buddy by giving TONNES of encouragement and positivity really can cheer me up! ^^ It’s like, it work two ways…. While I was helping him, I helped myself as well by feeling more positive and cheerful! thanks, bro! and all the best to you there! You’ll be alright with her, k? I’m sure of it! may your love with her continue to grow grow grow~~!!! ^^ treasure her and cherish her well o~ ^^V


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