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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

lols… It’s translate as hello, everyone in French… XD well, here’s the news~ Yours truly is taking an extra subject this semester!!! (like my 6 subjects are not enough to drive me crazy already! <(>_<)>)

Anyways, I’m taking French language~ wee~~~ surprised? beats me… lols… I actually plan to go for Jap BUT (man, I hate this word at times… <(>_<)>) the class is already full! 


So I have no choice but to go for French instead (don’t like Korean Language at all so that option was kicked out from my list)… Can say that I was in a dilemma whether to apply for this subject or not at first cause like I said, I already have 6 subjects to worry about for this semester so I was wondering if an additional subject is a bad wise option. 


Anyway, my friends managed to persuade me (they are always good at it…>_<) into taking it in the end so yeah… French class~ here I come! Since I’ve already signed up for this, so I guess the only thing I can do now is to give my all into it, right? So that the extra $$ is worth spending~ =)

(I’m still reluctant about this now though… my money~~~!)


Still, from what I know, the lecturer is a French dude~ a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!!! XD I mean… it’s not like you get to meet a French to teach you French on a weekly basis right? Imagine this statement :

“I’m learning French taught by a French dude while eating French fries”

lols! =P

So I guess, I seriously have to have proper time management for this semester before I ended screwing everything up! That’s the last thing on Earth that I want… <(>_<)> yeah, proper time management and thus tonnes and tonnes of workload to keep me busy busy busy~!!! X) Its good to go for a change in life at times… =)

happy peace

ps: I don’t know why but the word “French” gives me the feeling of the colour blue~ =)

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