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Friday, October 22, 2010

Allow me to present~~~

10 10 10 10~~~~ ♫ ♫ ♫

IMG_3001The Liverpool Football Club shirt that I got for FREE!!!! XDD

How did I get it? Well, today the Liverpool John Moores University came to our college to brief our seniors about the Uni and the 3 months summer top-up program. It was held at the College Hall. Of cause, during these types of mini “fairs”, surely a station game will be organised.

ahhh! So, since the university is located at Liverpool, they had this Fifa Football challenge on PS3! Can say that I hardly play PS (I do play sometimes depending on the games available… =P) and also I’m not a football fan either so generally, that game doesn’t interest me… well, at least at the beginning, not yet… XD I don’t even know what’s the price for the winner! haha…

It was until 3pm when we decided to go back to college hall to try our luck on the lucky draw… cause the first prize was an Ipod Shuffle! XD Unfortunately, lady luck was not on my side… >_< Kok Hong did get a LJMU mug though… =) Anyway, it was until that time when BK started asking Shir whether she’s interested in playing the challenge. It seems that until that time, no girls were able to score for a goal so the prize still remain standing.


So since the prize is still there, why don’t just give it a shot? I mean since there was no luck in getting the Ipod, might as well try for a 20GBP shirt instead… XD So Shir and I signed up for the game… and the rule is simple… Score as many goals as possible within the time frame given… While waiting for our turn, BK, Anson, CK and the rest started to teach us… what button is used for what function… Shir went first but didn’t manage to goal though… >_<


then comes my turn~ So there I was, while playing, all my Sifu-sifu’s started to teach me their ho liao (awesome) techniques… they were like “quick quick! press X!” or “fast fast passing!” “ok ok! dont pass liao… just carry the ball!”  can say that during the whole game, I hardly concentrate, was more aware of their comments… lols! and before I knew it, they were like “har! sui sui! can goal it liao!” so I pressed the O button and GOAL!!! XDD

 gol! haha!

The moment I scored, I was like “Woohoo!!!” and had a big High 5 with BK… XD\the rest cheered on!!! I didn’t even realise that my time was not up yet! lols!!! Can say that there were 200++ girls who tried the challenge and I was the ONLY ONE who scored! wee~~~~ banzai to me~~~!!! =P

Amorypaz  buu! sarcas! wiii!

But of cause! majority of the credits goes to all of my Sifus! Without their skilful technique, I won’t have scored a goal d! XDD banzai to them!!! woot~! Damn happy today!!! ^^

PS : I think I’m slightly more interested in football now, thanks to this! XD

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