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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I know its been a very VERY long time since I last blog, can't blame me though... blame laziness!!! =PP anyway, today is the 2nd day of the second semester... How was it? erm... its bad!!! Cause I got drag back to group B again... instead of maintain at group A so I was separated from him and my Penang classmates... There are only 3 "Penangnites" in the group that I'm in now... <(>_<)>

(note: Penangnites by meaning those who came from Penang branch... X))

Anyway, at first I thought this problem can be solved by swapping with people from the class that you wanted BUT (man, i hate this word sometimes... =.=) we are not allowed to swap or change class anymore!!! and it's an ORDER from the head of school...

I was like no~~~~~~ <(>_<)>

but since it's an ORDER, there's nothing that can be done about it isn't it? so... no choice... just accept it the way it is... T.T
However, on the bright side, the time table for this group is good~~~~ ^^ XDD
cause... the earliest class is 9am (unlike some, they have 8am class) and and and.... there are 2 days which classes start at 2pm and 12pm!!! wee~~~~

later time = sleep more and fb more~~~
So can't say it's all bad isn't it? hee~~~~ =D
but... we already have an assignment for us d... and it's only week1! T.T

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