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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It’s a must read for the guys who are in a relationship: A girl needs to be appreciated. Allow yourself to drawn back into the past, back to the times when you have your eyes set on her before you two were an item. You can’t help but to notice her each and every move. Now, she is finally your girlfriend. A girl will always think for the sake of her guy. She always worry that he may be too tired or spend too much on her thus, she mostly won’t bug him into taking her out to expensive dates and fun. However, have u ever realize? When she says no to all these temptations, there is a little hope in her that you’ll do it. She knows it will waste your money and cause you more fatigue but she is still a girl. Which girl on Earth will not want to be pampered, right?

Anyway, since she said no, guys will just let it be and that it’s not necessary, too. Even so, she won’t blame you for not pampering her, she won’t get mad at you although she’s disappointed. However, during special occasions, you DO have to remember it by making it memorable. Like sending her a bouquet of flowers on your anniversaries, have a romantic Valentine’s Day, a little unexpected out-of-the-blues Christmas special, etc. At that time, you will be able to notice that even though she said she doesn’t mind not having all these fancy, memorable, romantic surprises, when she receives it, the excitement and the joy you bring to her is beyond words to describe.

Thus, it doesn’t mean that after she is successfully yours, you no longer need to shower her with love and care like you used to when you were wooing her.
So if you love her, try to put more effort on her. Don’t just spend your time on her, try to understand her, know what is it that she needed most, what is her inner voice – what she wanted to say but kept quiet about it instead. All these might sound tough and impossible to have it done but as long as there is determination in you (guy) then they can be realized. At that time, you will also realize that every move she made, everything she did resembles her love for you. So do treat her with sincerity and be more attentive to her before she gave up on you and walk out of your life. At that time, it’ll be too late to regret.

To be able to fall for somebody who feels the same way is not easy thus love is not about wanting somebody to pamper, it’s something which can only work if both parties chip in the equivalent effort. So when you have finally found “the one”, the girl who will give without expecting a return, her happiness is in your hands (in short, responsibility is yours to hold.. I’m sounding retarded). Anyway, Now I understand why I was called a “kayu” last time cause I always get things done only after the girl speaks out. I guess this approach shows that you do not care enough for her and that you do not bother to take the initiative to actually understand her.

ps : its translated from a Chinese "article" in fb... Don't mind my retarded translation ya... ^^" and one more thing, the last paragraph was not translated cause... I've run out of inspiration to translate (lame excuse I know)... =P

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