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Thursday, December 30, 2010

IN another day’s time, we’re going to bid 2010 farewell and welcome 2011. Well, since the year is about to end, I guess I’ll go through what I’ve done for this whole year then. XD

Can say that like everyone and every year, I’ve made some ridiculous mistakes, said things I shouldn’t have said, and hoped to turn back time to make amendments. >_< But anyhow, there are a few memorable memories and happy ones. =)

This year was the very first year I left Penang for KL. As in the very first time, I’m studying away from home. To be honest, I found it hard to adapt to this initially. With the new environment, new place to stay, new college life, new lecturer… Everything just seems so foreign and alien-ish to me.. >_< But after a while, I manage to adapt to it although I do faced mild depression at times… It’s nothing major to worry about… I guess its the homesick syndrome… XD

I remembered me missing McDonald’s alot when I first came to KL. Was so sloppy and not in the mood to study at home during the exam period. lols! Can’t blame me for I’ve been studying at McD for the whole 6 sems during Diploma. =P


Anyway, I was blinded by loneliness at a time that I did a mistake which was very absurd. Haiz. It didn’t last long so I guess I’ll just take it as a lesson to learn. Yeah, like they always say, a year older is a year wiser… Speaking of which, *ahem* *ahem*… I’ll be reaching the legal age to enter a casino soon!!!

haha!I even planned to “video” the moment I step foot into the Genting casino. ahahaha… So much for being a hillbilly. XD But that was just some crap I came up with while chatting with my friends. Did say that I planned to celebrate it at Genting that year. XD

Talked about Genting, I finally get to go Genting and play after 13 years of not stepping foot into it!!! wee!!!!!! I’ll have to thank my coursemates for that… thank u~~~~ >o<

So I guess that’s all that I can remember for this year… The rest of those memorable memories are already penned down in my blog so I guess, there’s no point writing about them again, right? X) I mean if you wanna savoir your memories, savoir only the good ones, no? the bad ones? Just take them as lessons to learn so that it won’t be repeated again. They are not worth remembering. >:(

and as for new year resolutions? To be honest, I don’t have one cause I know I never follow them so I’ll just save me the trouble of creating one. ahaha! =P But I do have goals which I wanna achieve in my life so I guess, those will do just fine… XD


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