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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First of all, my sincere apology for abandoning my blog for some time. I did plan to blog every now and then but things just seem to get in the way. So here I am, updating it. Be prepared, for it might be quite a long one. X)

Well, yesterday (Monday) was the last French class for those who took the French Language (Elementary Level) course. It ended with our final exam which was the writing test! Oral tests were conducted a week ago. So yeah, after yesterday, no more French class for me anymore. Kinda missed attending the classes though as they were very fun! ^^ But then again, was quite relieve as well as I no longer need to stay back in college until 8.30pm twice every week. =) So there’s pros and cons to everything I guess..

fiu2! Moving on to the next thing… I went over to Astro for a visit today, organised by I’m not sure whether its the EE society or my school… I didn’t get clear info on this… sorry! >_< Anyways, it was fun!!! XD we got the chance to witness DJs (or Radio Announcers) work live! as in you actually saw the word “ON AIR” blinking! lols. So much for being a hill billy. =P

fiu! ahhh!

Other than that, they (the people at Astro) gave us a short tour around the place, explaining about the functions of certain rooms and customer service. X) It was fun~ Manage to get the chance to go into a real studio! the ones where they shoot reality TV programs like Mari Menari from Astro Ria (the current program that’s airing).

IMG_3463 A big group of us at the studio! =D

Then, tomorrow going for the Social Network with yy and shir! wee~~~ that movie!!! finally! been waiting for it since I knew about it wei!! and tomorrow is the day…


And I can’t wait till this weekend!!! ^^ Cause I’m finally getting my limited edition Lunasol Party Coffret 2010!!! So happy!!! ^^ and and… more more presentsss!!! Will blog more detail about them after I have them. XD That’s why I said, this coming weekend is gonna be a good one!!! ^^

adore2! Amorypaz

PS: going to have my hair cut for charity next week! New hair style coming right up! ^^

PPS : I felt much better after blogging! ^^ So many things to look forward to! ^^ But life is not smooth sailing all the time so I guess I should go and get my assignments done now…  >_<

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