A day with Hyun Joong~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Just kidding! XD I didn’t spend a day with him (although I hope to!!! >_<) Anyway, last Saturday, 4th of Dec, my honey, Kim Hyun Joong, made his appearance in Pavilion to launch the new product of The Face Shop (he’s the ambassador of it… XD)… Liked I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I did try my luck on getting his autograph personally but sad to say, lady luck was not on my side at all!!!! T.T

desamor pobe!

So there I was, like every other unlucky fans, (let’s go sulk at a corner, shall we?) cramp around the “fence” of the stage just to see my prince charming… Was standing there for an hour earlier! >_< Sadly, the moment his car arrived, me had been made into a can of Sardin! T.T The fans were shouting and screaming upon his arrival… not to mention, pushing (and it was hard alright!) !!! haiz… So much as to get the chance to see him in person!

susp! Anyway, I did manage to take a few pics of him… Although most of them are only his back! We (yy and I) manage to squeeze onto that side of the stage only so that gave us a poor angle of him… =(

but still, I did manage to capture one with his smiling face~~~ ahh~ *melts* XDD ♥



See what I mean about taking pics of his back??? T.T


This was a lucky one… He turned abit! >_<


tah dah!!!! The best pic that I have of him!!! just look at his smiling face!!! aww~~~~ ♥

Anyway, I pitied him, he was seriously tired-looking and his eye bags were very obvious! Poor him… =( Yet, he came all the way to Malaysia to meet his fans… Extra credits on that!!!

AmorypazPS : just a little shout out to him (Hyun Joong), may u be able to get enough sleep and rest after this tour ya!!! else alot of your fans will be worried about you! take care of your health condition~ ^^

PPS : actually, there was another time where he did turn around and smile but dummy me got so carried away by his charming smile that I forgot to order my hand to move… >_<

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