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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Went over to KLCC a few days ago to buy my dad’s present. Yeah, it was delayed sad to say cause I can’t think of anything that’s good enough for him as his birthday gift. One thing about my dad, he is very materialistic. So now you know where I got that from huh? Like father like daughter. =P


Anyway, I was thinking hard about this and did plan to get him a new wallet, belt or something like that but still, it was too common as in that’s what we (my mum, sis and I) got for him almost everytime. Except that it didn’t happen in consecutive years of course. XD


So, there I was brain storming for my dad’s present until my sudden inspiration hit me! which are… chocolates!!! XDD can say that my dad is a BIG fan of chocolates~ and what’s more tempting than a jar of the finest high quality chocolates for him to enjoy at home? not bad huh my idea? ^^V


Like I said, it’s a jar of finest high quality chocolates so straight away, that brand popped out in my head~ Godiva~~~ muahahaha~~~ heard of that brand before? no? click on the name to find out~ ;) ♥

IMG_3359 haha!

So there I was, at KLCC, going into the store and bought a jar of it. It was kind of pricey but hey, what’s not expensive when quality stuff is concern? XD

IMG_3360 It’s the jar of chocolates~~~ XD

IMG_3358 The christmas deco~ ♥ X)

While I was walking around the mall, I finally came face to face with my new love~ ♥


IMG_3363Chanel J12~ One indicates the numbers with diamonds and another without diamonds~


Can say that I don’t really like the design though. I mean it looked so different as compare to the photos. >_< But still, it’s under my wishing list~ =P

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